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<< online << Aaron Davenport (from boom-box to detox) Carlson Hatton
The short life of a young man within suburban California - told through a windingly fragmented collage of individual accounts and alternative narratives.

<< online << AC - Audiocompounder Orhan Kipcak
A forum of online radio plays made from public sound material. AC collects identity fragments which are hidden in sounds and provides the means to shape them into new patterns of meaning.

<< online << ..devolve into II.. devolvers
Networked image and sound streams whose parameters are determined by artists participating from around the globe. The associative point of departure is a man planning to make a photographic record of the Yosemite National Park and, having achieved this, to flood the entire area.

<< online << Frankensteins Netz / Prométhée Numérique / Wiretapping the Beast Atau Tanaka
A mysterious creature lures you onto its website and demands food in the form of text, sound and picture files: input which it absorbs visibly and audibly.

<< online << "kill*=100" first?" @player Claudia Hardi
A fragmented portrait of a demon dialer. A field trip through electronic archives, between popular culture and computer science.

<< online << Susi & Peter in Taka-Tuka-Land Mirjam Kort
A clash of cultures. Through a mix of identities 'sound islands' develop as something to come back 'home' to: Heino or Heidi in the mountains.

<< online << the visible and the invisible Manuel Räder
An experimental soundtrack, part of a short film, at once public and private, discovering new places where people are sticking chewing gums.

<< online << VOPOS 0100101110101101.ORG
The telephone, satellites and the Internet: VOPOS exploits and merges three kinds of net. A software draws on a digital geographic map the exact position of the cell under control.

<< online << "... the whole thing's ..." (part 3) Klaus Buhlert
Sucking stones: an idea, compositional approach and set of rules for an interactive online game, based on texts by Samuel Beckett.


project parts

<< online << Bitte folgen! Walter Filz
Three people in a network of total surveillance attempt to free themselves. An interactive series of events linking up new spying technologies with old techniques of self-discovery.

<< online << D.A.V.E. Obermaier / Haring
A virtual metamorphosis: a body dances, playfully crosses the boundaries of identity. Body parts of which one would never have thought it start to speak.

<< online << [DPsNtN] = DISPLACED_PERSONS say NOTHING to NOBODY Christin Lahr
An interactive online environment centered around the interfaces between physical and virtual spaces. Contrary to custom, interaction is the result of a collective holding still.

<< online << Electric Dreams test bed
For a radio play, electronic dreams are collected and viewed by means of an interactive, text-based web forum. The Internet as the potential subject matter of such dreams becomes their archive.

<< online << instant insider Beusch / Cassani
Three hyperactive bubble people from Tokyo, Helsinki and Berlin are testing the wireless Instant Insider Service, which provides answers to all daily life problems.

<< online << marbel & matrikel Avenstroup / Lippok
Marbel and Matrikel decide to perform an operation which guarantees eternal youth. From the evidence emerges a live radio play..

<< online << a sophisticated soirée 91v.2.0
A lounge. Each participant is fitted on entry with disposable adhesive electrodes. The heartbeats are used to generate control signals for sound, video projections and text. Registration at the website.

<< online << Volksliedmaschine Augst / Korn
A self-generating radio play with the German folk song as starting point and material. The software edits the sound of the 'vocal apparatus' and renders it audible.

<< online << Warte nur! Bald kommt die ganze Geschichte BAK-TRUPPEN
The new Ice Age is declared. Digital maps and communication links are available for orientation purposes in a game which prefers confusion to clarity.

<< online << Web of Life Gleich / Shaw
Palm lines merge into an immersive networked artwork: they activate an algorithmic tapestry of audiovisual and thematic correspondences. Webcams document the occurences in Karlsruhe, New York, or Tokyo.