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The atmosphere is pleasant. The room is like a lounge with a bar, seats and a dance-floor. Drinks and snacks are provided, the lighting is subdued. The guests or participants are the actual actors at the soirée. They can dance, converse, listen to the music or view the projected visuals, almost like in a normal club but only almost: Each participant in the sophisticated soirée is fitted on entry with disposable adhesive electrodes which register their pulse and transmit it by wireless means to a receiver station. In this way there arises an electro-acoustic relationship between all the hearts present in the room. Only the coloured illumination of the transmission unit signalises the individual participant's own pulse, its accord with the pulse of another participant or its absolute harmony with another heart in the room.

Using a computer, the heartbeats are used to generate control signals for sound, video projections and text. Electronic instruments convert these signals into music, musicians with conventional acoustic instruments improvise on a score created from the control signals. Similarly lighting conditions, computer graphics and texts develop and change in accordance with the rhythms transmitted to which the participants in turn react. A biologically controlled circuit of pulse, sounds and visuals is created. The task of the crew of 91v.2.0 is now to constantly monitor the data for the situation, to investigate the social dynamics of the group and to influence it.

Prior registration to take part at: www.sophisticatedsoiree.com
After the soirées 91v.2.0 offer their 'Bar open'. a sophisticated soirée has already been hosted by: Ars Electronica, Steirischer Herbst/musikprotokoll, Berliner Festspiele/MaerzMusik Festival


Erich Berger: technical Design Gem Solutions; Eva Dranaz: agency 3007 Visual Design; Jaromil aka Denis Roio: software FreeJ Solutions; rantaša: idea, concept, sound design, overall direction; founded the Vienna electronic festival Phonotaktik, zeitblom: sound design, project management; involved in the productions Das Warheads-Oratorium (BR 1997), Audiolounge (BR/intermedium 1 1999), both issued as CD on intermedium rec, Metropolis (BR 2001)

ORF Ö1musikprotokoll/BR/intermedium 2 2002