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intermedium 2
X or 0: Identities in the 21st century

presents Radio Play Discourse Network Art Performance Installation VJ/DJ-ing

intermedium 2 takes place from 22 to 28 March 2002, 3 days at the ZKM Karlsruhe, 7 days on the radio and online, with more than 100 artists from 15 countries.

intermedium is interdisciplinary and sees itself as an initiative of radio to try out artistic cooperations with other media and arts.

Unknown or not available: the formula X or 0 stands for identity as a construct. Involved are technicistic, sociological, political and ethical questions in the context of artistic and media presentation.

For the first time, the Bayerischer Rundfunk is donating the intermedium award for an intermedia work presented at the festival.

Radio plays and soundtracks whose content is connected with the festival or its theme are published by the label intermedium records. The sampler intermedium from one2two documents the label's CD publications in the period between the festivals intermedium 1 and intermedium 2.