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Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler
Teresa Hubbard * 1965 in Dublin (IR), lives and works in Austin, Texas (USA)
Alexander Birchler * 1962 in Baden (CH), lives and works in Austin, Texas (USA)

Part II_Painting Surface Space

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler: House with Pool, 2004
Installation: Goetz Collection - BASE103, Munich
Imagination Becomes Reality Part II Painting Surface Space
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection
Wilfried Petzi, Munich

Works in the Exhibition

House with Pool, 2004, single-channel video installation 16:9 (colour, sound), 20'39" Loop
Single Wide, single-channel video installation 16:9 (colour, sound), 20'39" Loop


Stephan Urbaschek: I had different approaches in mind and I'm tending right now to go back to your beginnings. Like, Teresa, you were saying that you were in sculpture class. What is your artistic background, Alexander?
Alexander Birchler: Actually, I was first an art educator - Kunsterzieher or as it's called in Switzerland, Zeichenlehrer - and after that I started to make art. But you should go back further, Teresa. You didn't come straight from studio art. You came from literature.
Teresa Hubbard: Right. I have always written and when I started university, I attended the Louisiana State University and took a number of courses with the writer Andrei Codrescu. At that time, I used to make small drawings alongside my short stories and Andrei suggested that I should take some art history and studio classes. I was also very fortunate to meet teachers and artists who were very open to my background. Later, when I was accepted into the MFA sculpture program at Yale, I hadn't really made sculpture in the conventional sense at all. I was working with water, words and narrative. That was that kind of work I was doing when, later, I met Alexander at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.
Stephan Urbaschek: Which was in 1989?
Teresa Hubbard: Yes.

Text excerpt »To be Inside and Outside at the same Time« - A Conversation with Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler, June 2005 (Author: Stephan Urbaschek), Exhibition Catalogue
Imagination Becomes Reality Part II_Painting Surface Space