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William Kentridge
* 1955 in Johannesburg (ZA), lives and works in Johannesburg (ZA)

Part III_Talking Pictures

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

William Kentridge: Tide Table, 2003/04
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection
courtesy William Kentridge

Works in the Exhibition

Zeno Writing, 2002, single-channel video installation (b/w, sound), 11'16"
Tide Table, 2003/04, single-channel video (b/w, sound), 8'
POINT OF VIEW: Anthology of the Moving Image Automatic Writing, 2004, single-channel video (colour, sound), 2'38"


Jan Seewald: Most of your works have one thing in common: an ongoing narrative. Sometimes the narratives are hidden, and difficult to decipher, but they always unfold in the form of animated sequences, which are enriched by elaborate and carefully chosen sound effects. They are sometimes highly personal and use a lot of references of a historical or political nature. Apartheid, for example, is a major issue and an ongoing theme. Can you tell me more about your sources and your motivations?
William Kentridge: The material that comes in can be anything. Politics are part of it, as are events that happen around the world. Personal thoughts, fears, desires, dreams are also part of the raw material, but none is more privileged than the others. Both the larger, social aspect and the more particular and personal also play a part.

Text excerpt »Metaphors« - A Telephone Conversation with William Kentridge, December 2005 (Author: Jan Seewald), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part III_Talking Pictures