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Barnaby Hosking
* 1976 in Norwich, Norfolk (GB), lives and works in London (GB)

Part V_Fantasy and Fiction

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Barnaby Hosking: Snow Painting (process/painting/reflection), 2005
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection

Works in the Exhibition

Untitled, 2004, single-channel video installation (b/w, without sound) onto black velvet screen with sculpture (resin, black color), 60' Loop
Snow Painting (process/painting/reflection), 2005, single-channel video installation (b/w, no sound) projected onto black velvet screen, 10'
Black Caddy, 2004, single-channel video installation (b/w, without sound) projected on black velvet screen, black lacquered wooden tea caddy, 20' Loop


Stephan Urbaschek: Your approach to the production of art seems initially to be quite traditional. You paint, you draw and you make sculptures. Has that always been your approach? The longing to create something manually? And to make the physical and emotional experience how it would feel to create?
Barnaby Hosking: At the Royal College of Art in London, I consciously decided to re-investigate the skills at which I excelled, namely: drawing, painting and sculpting from life. I had been hiding these skills for several years and was missing the intense involvement and connection with the medium of art as a way to observe from life but simultaneously create something new from within oneself. Though it is increasingly hard to contextualize such a lonesome endeavor in a communication-driven world, I still value the idea that one can be alone in a particular place and still feel and appreciate the beauty.

Text excerpt »I battle with the void between process and object« - A Conversation via E-mail and Telephone with Barnaby Hosking, September 2006 (Author: Stephan Urbaschek), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part V_Fantasy and Fiction