Tony Conrad
[b. 1940, Concorde/New Hampshire]

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1962 A.B. in Mathematics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

1962 Moved to New York City. Started working in music, film, and performance

1962-1965 Worked with John Cale, Angus MacLise, Jack Smith, La Monte Young, and Marion Zazeela

1966-1972 Made The Flicker and other films, collaborating with Beverly Grant

1973-1976 Assistant Professor for film, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio

1974-1979 Assistant Professor for film/video, Department of Media Study, SUNY, Buffalo

1976-1977 Visiting Instructor, Media Study/Buffalo

1979-1985 Assistant Professor for video production and analysis, Department of Media Study, SUNY, Buffalo

since 1985 Associate Professor, Department of Media Study, SUNY, Buffalo

1991-1993 Hosted the TV-shows »Studio of the Streets« and »Homework Helpline« for Buffalo public access cable TV