Hollis Frampton
[b. 1936, Wooster/Ohio - d. 1984, Buffalo/New York]

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1951-1954 Studied at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts

1954-1957 Studied at the Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

1958 Moved to New York City

1959-1966 Was primarily engaged in still photography

1961-1969 Worked as a laboratory technician in both still and cinema, specializing in dye-imbibition color processes

1962 First work in film

1966-1967 Taught film at the Free University of New York

1966-1970 Almost entirely occupied with film, but continued related work in still photography

1969-1973 Taught photography and film at Hunter College, City University of New York [C.U.N.Y.]

1970 Moved to Eaton, Madison County, New York

1970-1971 Taught film history at the School of Visual Arts, New York

1971 Began his work in image processing, video synthesis and xerography

1970-1973 Taught film history at the Cooper Union, New York

1973-1984 Participated in the development of the curriculum of the Department of Media Study at SUNY, Buffalo. Was Associate Professor of film and film history

1977 Founded the Digital Arts Laboratory [DAL] at the Department of Media Study, SUNY, Buffalo, to formulate digital computer hardware and software for graphic, sound and text manipulation