Author:   Heike Borowski  
Posted: 15.12.2005; 22:16:15
Topic: Sections | L | Neoformalism and Neoconceptualism
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  Section L Neoformalism and Neoconceptualism

Neoformalist light works produce a reference to the pictorial tradition and simultaneously point out transformed conditions of reception. The materials of traditional pictorial works are replaced by electrical light, and the classical pictorial concept is revised in light boxes by Hans Peter Kuhn and Chiara Dynys. Angela Bulloch creates glowing spherical objects mounted on the walls. Erwin Redl covers the surface of walls with accurate grid structures composed of LEDs that perforate and seem to dematerialize the walls. Thomas Locher, Markus Huemer, and Rivka Rinn create neo-conceptual light works.