Bülent Şangar:
SURET and BIRD'S EYE - VIEW, 2003-2004

24-piece photo installation
colour, installation size variable
Bülent Şangar, Courtesy ZKM

Suret: [face] form; figure; appearance; sight; manner; image; reproduction; matter; assumption
If society, media, and political forces, under the influence of tradition and religion, view people, who do not act according to the standard, as potential criminals, the observation by these forces induces in these individuals feelings of guilt and sin. Especially women, young people and students are exposed to this kind of pressure.

In the suret-prohibition, that was religiously motivated in the beginning but has developed into a tradition in the course of history, the reproduction of the face was forbidden. This photo series displays images that document such situations that are not tolerated in the media and links them to the suret-prohibition.

Waiting... Bird's Eye-View
Terms like »embryo position« or »life triangle« refer to the space in which we exist and that has grown smaller over the past few years due to natural disasters, wars, and economic crisis.

Even the house, the epitome of security, has lost its attribute of being a protected space. The catastrophes were followed by a nervous waiting: A need to create a new space that respects and protects the fragility and mortality of the body has emerged from the fear of divine wrath and political power. However, no one is really safe anywhere...