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Jacco Olivier
* 1972 in the Netherlands, lives and works in Amsterdam (NL)

Imagination Becomes Reality Conclusion

Works in the Exhibition | Text

Jacco Olivier: 11 AM, 2004
single-channel video installation

Works in the Exhibition

- The artist is part of the exhibition catalogue. His work is not on display at the museum.


Jacco Olivier, too, has developed video pieces from drawings.24 But his drawings are more cheerful, like images from a childhood dream full of untroubled happiness. This is particularly apparent in the underwater world of Submerge, 2003, which could almost be shown to children as a 'good-night video'. By contrast, the seemingly unconnected sequence of images in 11 AM, 2004 has an aura of the uncanny. Things happen in various locations while the clock of an invisible church tower strikes eleven. Olivier here ignores the current trend in video art towards digital generation: His source material is his own paintings. Using cartoon techniques, the artist would appear to be teaching his paintings step by step how to move, so that they resemble animations rather than movies. Such works are the result of a preoccupation with painting, which is where Olivier's artistic roots lie. So as to examine his paintings under a microscope, as it were, he began taking closeup pictures of them. He then projected a short sequence of slides of these details onto a wall on a small scale, giving rise to a series of abstractions that privileged form and color and bore scarcely any resemblance to their origins in the paintings. In these accidental images he discovered a world of new narratives and meanings.

Text excerpt »Images are generated by a gaze searching for new and personal insights. They are images of those gazing at the world« (Author: Stephan Urbaschek), Exhbition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Conclusion