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Frank Nitsche
* 1964 in Görlitz (D), lives and works in Berlin (D)

Part II_Painting Surface Space

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Frank Nitsche: POG-33-2002, 2002
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection
Wilfried Petzi, Munich

Works in the Exhibition

POG-33-2002, 2002, Oil on canvas
BOB-19-2004, 2004, Oil on canvas


Frank Nitsche: We really should have done the interview yesterday at the Telecafé in the television tower.
Jan Seewald: Then let's just pretend. After all, the series of exhibitions you're exhibiting in is also called Imagination Becomes Reality.
Frank Nitsche: OK, then let me order a Wiener schnitzel first.
Jan Seewald: And I'll have another g&t. Eberhard Havekost told me you have a huge collection of sneakers I’d be glad to have a look at.
Frank Nitsche: Eberhard's right about that, of course, but I can't show you the shoes because they’re at home and that's a private matter. But it's true, an Adidas manager and I swapped drawings for getting on for 120 pairs of shoes. They're all lined up on specially-made shelves, and very nice they look, too.
Jan Seewald: Cool, like at Nelly's or Usher's, who have whole rooms for their sneaker collections.(1) That's something you always see when these stars show off their homes, for example, on MTV Cribs.(2) Do you know it?
Frank Nitsche: I don't watch television much.
Jan Seewald: Right, you said that yesterday. What are you working on at the moment? Can you show me a few of your new works?
Frank Nitsche: At the moment I'm working on three parallel solo shows in September. Do have a look round. In many of these works there's an extra element of graffiti or comics, which is rather new in my works.
Jan Seewald: I find the surfaces of your pictures quite tactile, somehow. How do you do that?
Frank Nitsche: Touch them if you like.

(1) In conjunction with Reebok, the successful American rapper Nelly is bringing out her own collection of sneakers in 2006. Cf.:
(2) MTV Cribs is a program on American music channel MTV in which stars show off their homes or other possessions like clothes and cars. See also:

Text excerpt »Born to Make You Happy« - A Conversation with Frank Nitsche in Berlin, July 2005 (Author: Jan Seewald), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part II_Painting Surface Space