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Thaddeus Strode
* 1964 in Santa Monica, Kalifornien (USA), lives and works in Los Angeles (USA)

Part IV_Borrowed Images

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Thaddeus Strode: Under Sea World I Worship You / And I'm Never Coming Down, 2005
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection

Works in the Exhibition

Rise Now, Rise, Rise Now, 2003, feltpen, pencil, colored pencil, gouache on paper
Under the Killing Moon (... Spilling and Spilling... there was a point where no one resisted), 2004, mixed media on canvas
Under Sea World I Worship You / And I'm Never Coming Down, 2005, mixed media on canvas


Jan Seewald: Your works fuse elements from several sources, such as folk or fairy tales, which are presented in a very modern and surprising way. Waking Sleeping Giants, 2005, for example shows a deep-sea diver rubbing a lantern he has found in a treasure chest. Instead of the genie, one would expect to appear, a gorilla emerges. You seem to fool around with the viewers' expectations, to intenionally puzzle and confuse.
Thaddeus Strode: I look at the work as 'theater', 'actual characters in a story, film, or theatrical play'. But the world they exist in is dysfunctional, absurd, dark, dangerous, and yes, confusing and puzzling. I want the viewer to have a dialog literally with the work or characters in the work and to be pulled into another reality.

Text excerpt »Let's see where this takes us« - A Conversation via E-mail with Thaddeus Strode, March 2006 (Autor: Jan Seewald), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part IV_Borrowed Images