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Hiroshi Sugito
* 1970 in Nagoya (JP), lives and works in Nagoya (JP)

Part III_Talking Pictures

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Hiroshi Sugito: In the freezer, 1998
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection
Wilfried Petzi, München

Works in the Exhibition

bird man, 1998, acrylic, colored pigment, colored pencil and paper on canvas
ketch for the spider, 2004, acrylic and pastel on canvas
in the freezer, 1998, acrylic, colored pigment on paper on wood


Anette Frisch: You grew up in America
Hiroshi Sugito: My father's company had to go to New York to open a branch there. So we all went with him. It should have been for three years and it ended up for ten. We came back to Japan when I was in high school.
Anette Frisch: How did it feel coming back to Japan when you were a teenager?
Hiroshi Sugito: I did not want to come back to Japan at that time. I felt like a stranger. I had to study Japanese and that was the biggest problem for me. When I came back my mother put me into that special school, a school for people who had been abroad and had come back. We were divided into classes with very different levels. And I was in the lowest level with this blonde girl, Susan, and another Brazilian girl. In this class there were only four or five of us with one teacher. We were stuck with him all the time, all day. It was exhausting. The books we had to look at were elementary schoolbooks. I was sick and tired.
Anette Frisch: What about your Japanese nowadays?
Hiroshi Sugito: Oh! Talking is not the problem; it's reading and writing - I can't understand a word.

Text excerpt »I put all my effort into trying to be invisible« - A Conversation via E-mail with Hiroshi Sugito, December 2005 (Author: Anette Frisch), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part III_Talking Pictures