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Boris Groys


+ Biography

Professor for Philosophy and Media Theory at the Academy for Design [Hochschule fuer Gestaltung] in Karlsruhe, Germany

Born in [East] Berlin [D] in 1947, Boris Groys studied Philosophy and Mathematics at the University of Leningrad from 1965-71. Then, from 1971 to 1976 Groys worked as a research assistant at various institutes in Leningrad and from 1976-81 he was employed at the Institute for Structural and Applied Linguistics at the University of Moscow.
In 1981 Groys emigrated from the former USSR and came to Germany. 1982-85 he got various grants in Germany and worked as a freelance author from 1986-87 in Cologne. Groys taught as Guest Professor in the States at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 1988 and at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles in 1991. He obtained his doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Münster [D] in 1992. Since 1994 Groys has been professor for Philosophy and Media Theory at the Academy for Design [Hochschule fuer Gestaltung] in Karlsruhe, Germany. And since January 1st 2001 Groys also serves as vice chancellor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, which has since recieved university status.
Member of the Association International des Critiques d’Art [AICA].

Selected Bibliography:
Gesamtkunstwerk Stalin, Munich 1988; Dnevnik filosofa (russ.) [Diary of a Philosopher], Paris 1989; Die Kunst des Fliehens [with Ilja Kabakov], Munich 1991; Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Moskau - Von der Neo-Avantgarde zum Post-Stalinismus, Munich 1991; Über das Neue. Versuch einer Kulturökonomie, München 1992; Utopia i obmen (russ.), Moscow 1993; Fluchtpunkt Moskau (Ed.), Stuttgart 1994; Die Erfindung Russlands, Munich 1995; Die Kunst der Installation [with Ilja Kabakov], Munich 1996; Kierkegaard. Schriften (Ed.), Munich 1996; Logik der Sammlung, Munich 1997; Kunst-Kommentare, Vienna 1997; Unter Verdacht. Eine Phänomenologie der Medien, Munich 2000.



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