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[bio] Institute for Applied Autonomy [e]


Founded in 1998 as an anonymous research and development collective of artists [USA], engineers, writers, and activists. The IAA conducts research around themes of public space, free expression, and electronic surveillance, and develops technological solutions to support human activists in the performance of real-world public acts of subversion.

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»Youth Salon«, Zagreb [HR]
»Media is a weapon, Use it«, Scuc Gallery, Ljubljana [SLO]
»Art at the Edge of the Law«, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield [USA]
»Interchange: Simultaneity in Action«, Amsterdam [NL]

»HYBRID«, Studio for Creative Inquiry, Pittsburgh [USA]
»Ars Electronica Festival«, Linz [A]
»WIRE Conference«, Carnegie Mellon University [USA]
»Hackers On Planet Earth conference«, New York [USA]

»Net_condition«, ZKM, Karlsruhe [D]
»ExpoDestructo«, London [GB]
»New World (dis)Orders« (with Critical Art Ensemble), Rutgers University [USA]


Grants and Awards

Performance grant of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts; honorably mentioned at LIFE 3.0, Madrid; Prix Ars Electronica 2000, Award of Distinction in Interactive Art, 2nd prize; 1st prize at Film Festival 9, Carnegie Mellon (2000)



»Art at the Edge of the Law«, exhibit. cat. Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield 2001; »Net_condition«, Peter Weibel and Timothy Druckrey (eds.), The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachussetts 2000; »CyberArts 2000«, Hannes Leopoldseder and Christine Schöpf (eds.), Springer-Verlag Wien, New York 2000; Olaf Arndt, et al., »BBM, das Modell einer neuen Gesellschaftsordnung«, Internationalismus Verlag, Hanover 2000; Malcolm Miles, »The Uses of Decoration: Essays in the Architectural Everyday«, Wiley and Sons, England 2000; »Robot Protester: C3PO Woz Here«, in Time Magazine, London, October 9, 2000; Jim Knipfel, »Robot Vandals«, in New York Press, October 9, 2000; Marge Wylie, »Technology Shapes New Generation of Activism«, in Newhouse News Service, October 2000; Nick Montfort, »Roboprotest«, in Technology Review, October 2000; »README! ASCII Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge«, Josephine Bosma and Nettime (eds.), Autonomedia, New York 1999.


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