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Normative aesthetics is palpably an absurd research project. This does not mean that there is no logic of "good" and "bad", that there are no useful axiological concepts. What the indexing project implies is that discourses with artistic memories throw up surprising (artistic) reflexivities, some descriptions that turn in strangely and unexpectedly. The other thing that the indexing project sought to counter was the trivial neo-dadaism of solipsistic institutional power - a seamless hotchpotch of emotivist-pragmatist shreds that seek consumer authentication in cultural studies and its cognates. The indexing project was inaugurated on the conviction that a (necessarily) complex internal discourse was perhaps the main condition of resistance a) to institutional power, b) to passive co-option by that institutional power and c) to the masquerade of artistic authenticity that is an ideological principle of institutional power. Michael Baldwin/Mel Ramsden (


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