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Net art could just be another artistic genre, in danger of being pickled in its technology. The Art & Language project is and was by no means a generalised geisteswissenschaftlichen enquiry. An enormous remainder is left by the expert Geisteswissenschaft. Our indexing project was bound to develop so as to query (and include) the non-cognitive as well as the cognitive conditions of a discourse. The practice (or discourse or conversation or (?)) was often pursued under conditions such that (possibly) artistic reflexivity had been forgotten or lost. The question of its return or failure to return was frequently a matter of indifference to us - but there was always a sense (a memory) that this had all grown out of the syndicalisation of an artistically modernist space. This is what we had to do when we tried to paint and failed - or rather discovered reasons why we shouldn't. Is this very tenuous mooring sufficient? Michael Baldwin/Mel Ramsden(


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