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Author:   wolfgang muench  
Posted: 04.11.2002; 14:55:19
Topic: techStuff
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bubbles install manual

c 2000 Wolfgang Münch, Kiyoshi Furukawa

Macintosh OS

If possible use a new Mac-OS-All system-setting before installing drivers and control-panels. other Midi Drivers might interfere with the Midiman USB software.

1. Installing ProTV

Please refer to the Formac ProtV Installation Manual on the CD-rom

2. Installing drivers for Midiman2x2 USB midi device

Please refer to the Midiman Installation Manual on the CD-rom

3. Installing OMS 2.3.8

Connect the Midiman MidiSport2x2 USB-Midi device to the computers USB plug.

Double-click the installation program ?Install OMS? on the CD-ROM. Choose ?Easy Install? on the installation menu displayed. Click the install button, and follow the instructions given by the installation routine.

Following the re-start, you see an OMS application folder with the OMS setup program. Double-click the ?Setup? icon, follow the instructions given by the setup program, then save the new ?Studio Setup? to the ?OMS Application Folder?. Close the ?OMS Application Folder?.

In the ?My Studio Setup? window, double-click the ?MidiSport? icon. In the Configure window, choose 'Yamaha' as manufacturer and 'Mu50' as model for synthesizer. save and quit.

*! NOTE: close "OMS Setup" programm after set-up!

4. Installing Bubbles Software

Copy the folder 'bubbles' onto the harddrive.

5. Connecting MIDI devices

Please make sure that the Midiman MidiSport2x2 USB-Midi device is connected to the computer, and that the Yamaha Synthesizer is connected to the MidiSport2x2 USB-Midi device through a Midi cable.

*! NOTE: Make sure that Midiman Input Mode Button at the Front side is switched to "USB"

6. Connecting Synthesizer

Connect the synthesizer to the midi device through a midi-cable

*! NOTE: Make sure that the "Host Select" is switched to "MIDI" *! NOTE: The synthesizer has to be switched on before the computer is started so that the connection is intialized correctly.

7. Adjusting the camera.

The cameras automatic focus should be switched off.

Make sure that the display of the camera is switched off.

It is very important that the camera image shows exactly the size of the screen. For adjusting the camera open the "ProTV 2.6.3" program from the ProTV folder. Check for correct input (composit) and make the camera image match the projection.

*! NOTE: close "ProTV 2.6.3" programm after adjusting.

8. Output resolution

Set the computer output resolution to 800 x 600 pixels

9. Starting Bubbles

Double click the 'bubbles_start' icon. An automatic starting routine will properly start the programm. by copying an Alias of the correct starter application into the macintoshs start-up folder, the programm will start when the computer is switched on.

10. Stopping Bubbles

Press "Command" and " . " key or ESC key to stop the application.

11. Cabeling...

Computer <-> MidiMan

Computer Out: USB Port
Midiman In: USB In
Cable: Midiman USB Cable

MidiSport <-> Synthesizer

MidiSport Out: OUT-A
Synthesizer In: Midi IN
Cable: Standard Midi Cable

Synthesizer <-> Amplifier

Synthesizer Out: OUTPUT Left / Right
Amplifier In: INPUT Left / Right
Cable: Standard Audio

Video Camera <-> Computer / ProTV Capture Card

Camera Out: Audio / Video Out
Capture Card In: Composit IN
Cable: Standard Video

Computer <-> Beamer

Computer Out: Monitor OUT
Beamer In: INPUT
Cable: Standard Monitor


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