++ Andry MOCH / Indonesia

      lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia

Andry Moch: Zero, 2006

Selected Group Exhibitions
07 Good Morning: City Noise!!! Sound Art Project Gallery Soemarja, Indonesia
06 Jakarta Biennale, Gallery Cipta3 TIM, Jakarta, Indonesia
06 Me and Mayhem Project (Who Need Art Vol #3), Sundays, Bandung, Indonesia
06 Art and Resistance, Sanggar Luhur, Bandung, Indonesia
05 Are You Exist, BTW Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia
05 Carte Blance #5 Passages, Centre Culturel Francais, Jakarta, Indonesia
05 Omongkosong #2, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
05 Jakarta Video Art Festival, Nasional Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
05 This is Not Art, Electrofringer, Australia
04 Beyond Panopticon, Bandung Electronic City, Bandung, Indonesia
04 Mediabaru @ egroups with Wayang Cyber, Lontar Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
04 Modus dan Media, Galerikita, Bandung, Indonesia
03 Interpellation-CP Open Biennale, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
03 Phillip Morris the Asean Art Award, Gedung Asean, Jakarta, Indonesia
03 Jakarta Video Art Festival, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
02 Rhizome Project, Library the British Council, Jakarta, Indonesia
02 BAVF-NAF#1, Rumah Nusantara, Bandung, Indonesia
01 Bandung Art Event, Galeri Soemarja ITB, Bandung, Indonesia
01 Philip Morris Indonesia-Asean Art Awards, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
01 Carpe Diem Art Project, Griya Seni Popo Iskandar, Bandung, Indonesia
00 Peksiminas, Galeri Soemarja ITB, Bandung, Indonesia
00 Manusia Manusia, GD Pentagon IKIP, Bandung, Indonesia
00 Bandung Young Artist, Griya Popo Iskandar, Bandung, Indonesia

Works in the Exhibition
Zero, 2004
Eye Glasses, Individual Tablet Container
40 x 40 x 7 cm
Courtesy: the Artist

I'm a Super Liar, 2006
Balloon doll, vintage game box,
plastic mask, MP3 player
40 x 50 x 15 cm
Courtesy: the Artist

High & Empty, 2004
Light box, aluminum box, gelatin capsules
70 x 30 x 20 cm
Courtesy: the Artist

Try to be Different, 2006
Plastic electronic piano, sound effects
48 x 30 x 20 cm
Courtesy: the Artist

Noise Nut, 2007
Sound effects, plastic grass, plastic nuts
Courtesy: The Artist