Paul Sharits
[b. 1943, Denver/Colorado - d. 1993, Buffalo/New York]

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1964-1966 Studied Painting and Visual Design at the University of Denver und the Indiana University

1967-1970 Administered courses in personal filmmaking, photography and experimental design, Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore

1968 Founded the Personal Cinema Group, Maryland Institute of Art

1970 Developed an undergraduate film program for the Art Department of Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Started his work in film-installation and multi-screen projection

1970-1973 Administered film production, film history and film aesthetics courses. Designed physical facility for filmmaking and film studies. Participated in formation of a Communications Department and developed an undergraduate documentary film program and a graduate film studies program at Antioch College

1973 Moved to Buffalo, New York

1973 Administered courses on film history and analysis of film, Summer Institute in the Making, Knowing & Judging of Film/Media, SUNY, Buffalo

1973-1992 Associate Professor of Art, Department of Media Study, SUNY, Buffalo Administered filmmaking, analysis courses and research seminars