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Posted: 15.12.2005; 22:08:49
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  Section G/H Light Reflections / Light and Shadow

Shadow theater is considered one of the earliest artistic uses of light. Reflections and shadow effects evoke optical illusions and enable a multiplication of light as well as space. Through semitransparent mirrors and fluorescent lights, Christian Megert generates the impression of endlessness with his Lichtkasten [Light Box] (1971), "the borderless dimension without beginning or end" [Frank Popper]. Brigitte Kowanz creates objects that work with the physical qualities of light and the laws of perception. Gerold Tagwerker stages his sculptural lamp transformations through light reflection and rhythm; Fred Eerdekens is interested in transitory, indeterminable fields, which he generates with light, objects and [harsh] shadows. Angela Bulloch, Yuji Takeoka, Giuseppe Unici, Goran Petercol, Michael Schuster, Teres Wydler, Vollrad Kutscher, Gerhard von Graevenitz and Gerhard Rühm further developed Kircherís concept of "Ars magna lucis et umbrae".