rauschendes licht
die transformation von echtzeitdaten in eine interaktive lichtskulptur

hiroyuki moriwaki


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Hiroyuki Moriwaki
Interactive Art of Light - Corresponding to Informational Sources

moriwaki_2.jpg: geo_sphere moriwaki_1.jpg:
1) Geo-Sphere | 1996 | Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
2) Leiyo=Graphy | 1996 | NEC Showroom, 2nd floor of C&C Plaza

Hiroyuki Moriwaki: Geo-Sphere

Cells are interesting to me because each of them has been programmed by DNA which makes a whole life form and also it achieve its own role in cooperation with other cells. The form of life itself is structured with the information of its position, where the important thing is the each cells' dimensional relationship. The relationship must be formed by the information linked to and processed with each other cells.

If we study each structural elements to understand living things, we can get many physical facts with them. But if we step back and observe them glovally, we can reveal their forms have a face as structures of information.

As the sayings "Flowing water does not become muddy", somethings are kept flowing in between each cells in the context of information relationship.

This is analogus to the media world these days. Here, the electronic media networks are flowing all over the world, and we can see the form of information relationships in a very large scale.

We can start with pushing one of the buttons in front of us. Activate, and the situation changes.

Here's a little realization. I'm not talking about my personal computer. I'm talking about my work.

Participants push the button, a little lights blink and diffuse into the exibition space quickly. Sounds are also synchronized and expand like a swell. From the unit you pushed the button on to the neighbors and to their neighbors, blinks and sounds ascend and show us how informations flow. With my work, you can experience how the blinks and sounds change with the push of a button of any one of the units which are made of many identical circuit board units.

One circuit unit is one of parts which make structure and all the units make dimensional spacial structure. At the same time those units are connected by wires with neighboring units and can send electronic signals between each others, so that the units make the structure of informational relationships too.

The image which the LEDs on the units show is becoming visible after each circuit units communicate each others and recognize their position and relationships in the whole units. The same image is memorized in all units, but the representation is different according to the position from any button which you pushed.

Elements and a whole is not a concept placed opposite sides as far as the two has relationships linking each other. We are looking at the same thing with two different angles. We don't have to choose any one of the two.

With this work which consists of many identical units, you see the image which is only seen when all units are wired each others and get the dynamic sensation of the leap from microscopic to macroscopic and vice versa with a push of a button. This work realize both meanings of dimensional structure of little electronic parts and informational structure of electric signal.