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Posted: 25.06.2002; 15:24:55
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WALTER X, # 1 (Bill Gates naked), 2001,
Gouache auf Leinwand, 20 x 15 cm

Walter X

the internet is the new graffiti i went to MassArt, finished up in 1996 - BFA. i do
videos, artists books and paintings. i like to think of ebay as a blank wall. this is the new graffiti, how did you get here? i dont have a website – i’m just using ebay to »get up«. the structure is here – how can i subvert it? in the sixties, oldenburg had his Raygun store, in the 70’s malcolm mclaren started his SEX shop and started punk… i’m interested in this »store« idea. but i have no use for a physical place. ebay is passive and global. ebay is NOWHERE… and i’m an army of one.

number 284 of 1000 original works being presented on ebay. each is signed and numbered and an original artwork. Walter X goes unnoticed to the uninitiated, but here is the simple formula. find me today, find me tomorrow, only 700 hundred to go. don’t believe the hype, but act soon! this offer will not last. Walter X is staging a guerilla assault on the art world, now is your chance. shipping $5. paypal accepted. 6 by 8 inches gouache and matte medium on gallery wrapped canvas.

Walter X

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