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Genco Gülan:
semaZen, 2002

3D-computer animation (Maya) on DVD,
2:17 min, loop, sound, colour
Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, İS.CaM

Semazen, is the the name given to the whirling dervishes in Sufi tradition. The direct translation of the term is »space dancer«. I decided to create such a piece while working on 3D models. The software reminded me not only of the semah’s constant revolve but also of the tides between the inner and outer self.

In the animation we see the model of myself viewed from the outside and the inside of the head. This occurs in a constant loop, but the loop is unified with a continous bilingual count to 41. The number has a special meaning in the Sufi tradition. During zikir which is a way of meditation one is supposed to repeat the name of Allah 41 times.

In the animation, the white collar sufi reminds us a tradition but continuious to perform in its own way. With his relation to technology and everyday life he reminds us that mysticism can be found any where and in any form.

Text by: Genco Gülan