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Thomas Scheibitz
* 1968 in Radeberg (D), lives and works in Berlin (D)

Part I_Expanded Paint Tools

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Works in the Exhibition

Kawasaki, 2002/3, Oil on canvas
O.T. (Nr. 360), 2003, Oil on canvas
Ohne Titel, 2003, MDF, vinyl, acrylic
Ohne Titel, 2003, MDF, vinyl, acrylic
GP 90, 2004, vinyl, acrylic on canvas
Ohne Titel, 2005, MDF, paint, plastic and ceramic


Rainald Schumacher: In an interview with Maarten Bertheux, published in the Bannister Diamond catalogue to accompany your exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, in 2001, you talk about your experience at the Dresden Academy, where you studied from 1991 to 1996. In it, you say: "The most important thing I learned was that through drawing, and later painting, I could express myself very immediately. At a certain point I discovered that there are particular things that you can only express by visual means. That's when things got interesting."(1) Are these things mainly real objects, or also fleeting impressions?
Thomas Scheibitz: Just things I've experienced, in general. It doesn't matter whether it's a film or a certain piece of metal or the crease of a passer-by's trousers. When it springs to mind later, I have to translate it.
Rainald Schumacher: Does that mean that your works are based on personal experience?
Thomas Scheibitz: I think so. I also try to imagine what happens when personal experience is combined or coded with the yearnings of the 'zeitgeist'.

(1) Thomas Scheibitz in an interview with Maarten Bertheux, in Bannister Diamond, Thomas Scheibitz, exhib. cat., Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam 2001, p. 12.

Text excerpt »Kawasaki - City or Motorbike?« - Questions to Thomas Scheibitz in Spring 2005 (Author: Rainald Schumacher), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part I_Expanded Paint Tools