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Rosilene Luduvico
* 1969 in Espirito Santo (BR), lives and works in Düsseldorf (D)

Part III_Talking Pictures

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Rosilene Luduvico: Masako, 2004
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection
Wilfried Petzi, Munich

Works in the Exhibition

Ohne Titel, 2003, oil on chalk on canvas
Ohne Titel, 2003, oil on chalk on untreated cotton cloth
Masako, 2004, oil on canvas
Franziska, 2004, oil on chalk on canvas
Menos a conhecera mais a amara, 2006, oil on chalk on canvas


Karsten Löckemann: When I was doing background research, I couldn't find any interviews you'd given. Hasn't there been any opportunity, or do you want people to explore your pictures without any previous guidance?
Rosilene Luduvico: Itís the first opportunity Iíve had to do an interview.
Karsten Löckemann: Whatís the importance of your home country Brazil in your work? You were born in 1969 and grew up in a small farming village in the mountains of Brazil. You lived there for fourteen years without electricity and all the technical luxuries of our time. In your pictures, forest landscapes and defoliated trees are a constantly recurring theme. Are nature and the mountains of Brazil a place of refuge, a timeless space in which man's relationship with nature is still in balance?
Rosilene Luduvico: Itís unimportant for my paintings where Iím from and where I go. The only important thing is the place I am in.
Karsten Löckemann: Are the defoliated, dead-looking trees in, for example, the large-format painting Untitled (2003) a motif for the transitoriness of mankind and nature?
Rosilene Luduvico: Yes, and they're a place of solitude.

Text excerpt »Being alone has always been part of my life« - A Conversation via E-mail with Rosilene Luduvico, December 2005 (Author: Karsten Löckemann), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part III_Talking Pictures