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Franz Ackermann
* 1963 in Neumarkt St. Veit (D), lives and works in Berlin (D) and Karlsruhe (D)

Part I_Expanded Paint Tools

Works in the Exhibtion | Interview

Franz Ackermann: Evasion XVI (the desaster), 1998, Acrylic on cotton
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection

Works in the Exhibtion

Untitled (Evasion XIII - 5 Star Tropical), 1997, Acrylic on cotton
Here: Promising Absence (All the Places I've Never Been to), 1995, Dissolving slide projection with 2 projectors, 13-20'
Evasion XVI (the desaster), 1998, Acrylic on cotton
Untitled (pacific no. 53: Julie's palace), 1998, Watercolor, Pencil on paper
Untitled (pacific no. 20: food court), 1998, Watercolor, Pencil on paper
Untitled (pacific no. 45: cutted half and well protected), 1998, Watercolor, Feltpen on paper
Untitled (pacific no. 11: feel the heat), 1998, Watercolor, Pencil on paper
Ohne Titel (Mental Map: Die Ladung), 2003, Watercolor, Pencil on paper


Stephan Urbaschek: I brought along prints of your works that are in the Goetz Collection. Do you remember all of them, and do you know what is in the Collection?
Franz Ackermann: I have a rough idea: drawings, oil paintings and a slide installation. There is always a nostalgic feeling when I see the year 1998 ... and of course they will all be shown soon?
Stephan Urbaschek: Yes, they will all be put together in a room on the first floor and shown there. Ingvild Goetz would also like to display works by Jörg Sasse on another wall.
Franz Ackermann: That's something we can gladly do. I have also offered earlier works or room concepts. When the areas have been defined, and the artist should be involved in the definition of the room, I would be happy to help with an installation plan.
Stephan Urbaschek: Ingvild Goetz has an idea that involves a wall that is covered in lines or stripes, which would merge the individual elements with one another and integrate them into a wall concept, similar to that which you have already realized in other locations.
Franz Ackermann: Right. My gallerist Tim Neuger already told me that in the Goetz Collection there is a special wall surface.

Text excerpt: »What is the Dream Sequence in Painting?« - An Informal Conversation with Franz Ackermann in a Garden in Karlsruhe, April 2005 (Author: Stephan Urbaschek), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part I_Expanded Paint Tools