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Posted: 21.02.2007; 19:29:09
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Tal R
* 1967 in Tel Aviv (IL), lives and works in Copenhagen (DK)

Part I_Expanded Paint Tools

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Works in the Exhibition

Working hard during the day, naked at night, 2000 / 1997-2000 (laut Zertifikat), collage on canvas
The Pink Wave, 2004, oil, colored crayon, paper on canvas
Tit and Ditte, 2003, fabric, wood
Princess, 2005, oil, colored crayon, paper on canvas
Onions, 2005, bronze


Rainald Schumacher: Most of your works do have meaningful titles. Who are the Lords of Kolbojnik and the Sisters of Kolbojnik? (1)
Tal R: The Lord is the figure that arises from memory. The figure is the sum of where I am from. Kolbojnik is a Hebrew Yiddish word for garbage box. Sisters of Kolbojnik is more specific. It refers to a Danish feminist band from the seventies called Shit and Chanel. There are so many things to remember and forget. To remember and forget is like being on a train that doesn't stop at any station. Figure is when the train breaks down. So figure is not something I sit down and decide. It is more like a chance that arises from painting.

(1) Titles of paintings by Tal R from 2002/03.

Text excerpt »Laziness Makes Me Work all the Time« - A Conversation via E-mail with Tal R, April 2005 (Author: Rainald Schumacher), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part I_Expanded Paint Tools