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Author:   silke altvater  
Posted: 21.02.2007; 19:22:01
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Dana Schutz
* 1976 in Livonia (USA), lives and works in New York (USA)

Part V_Fantasy and Fiction

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Dana Schutz: Relic, 2006
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection

Works in the Exhibition

Cowboy, 2006, Oil on canvas
Relic, 2006, Oil on canvas
Boy with Boa, 2006, Oil on canvas
Romance, 2006, Oil on canvas


Peter Eleey: In recent months, your work has undergone some significant changes that suggest you've been struggling with some core questions about the paintings you make. What's been happening?
Dana Schutz: Well, I am always questioning my work - how I want my paintings to function and how I feel about them. A while ago I was feeling very outside of the paintings, and I was becoming increasingly aware of them as things in the world rather than as pictures. This can be good because I think it's important to step outside of your work every once in a while to objectively consider how it is perceived in the world. But if you spend too much time outside of your work you can begin to feel estranged from it, or feel disconnected from the reasons that motivated you to make the work in the first place. Some level of pleasure is important for ideas to transform.

Text excerpt »Miscues to the future« - A Conversation with Dana Schutz, New York, August 2006 (Author: Peter Eleey), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part V_Fantasy and Fiction