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Author:   silke altvater  
Posted: 21.02.2007; 19:18:04
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Wilhelm Sasnal
* 1972 in Tarnów (PL), lives and works in Warsaw (PL)

Part V_Fantasy and Fiction

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Wilhelm Sasnal: Untitled (wet sand), 2003
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection

Works in the Exhibition

Untitled (after Metinides), 2003, Oil on canvas/ b/w photography
Untitled (wet sand), 2003, Oil on canvas
Untitled (rag city), 2003, Oil on canvas
Luther's mother, 2003, Oil on canvas
Luther, 2003, Oil on canvas
Luther's father, 2003, Oil on canvas


Stephan Urbaschek: Is it true that when you first went to university in Krakow you studied architecture?
Wilhelm Sasnal: Yes. I studied it for two years and then I transferred to the Academy of Fine Arts, which is also in Krakow.
Stephan Urbaschek: What fascinated you about architecture?
Wilhelm Sasnal: Actually, architecture was only a substitute. It was always my second choice. It was a technical school. I couldn't get into the Academy of Fine Arts at first, so I decided to study something that would help improve my technique and included a little bit of Fine Art. But I wanted to be a painter more than an architect. The only reason I decided to study architecture was because I thought it would give me an opportunity to be an artist as well - architecture as art.

Text excerpt »For me the rule is not to have a rule« - A Telephone Conversation with Wilhelm Sasnal, September 2006 (Author: Stephan Urbaschek), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part V_Fantasy and Fiction