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Posted: 21.02.2007; 19:12:55
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Michael Raedecker
* 1963 in Amsterdam (NL), lives and works in London (GB)

Part III_Talking Pictures

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Michael Raedecker: soliloquy of chaos, 2003
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection
Wilfried Petzi, München

Works in the Exhibition

one, 2001, acrylic,thread on canvas
block, 2001, acrylic, veneer, paint/ varnish, thread on canvas
soliloquy of chaos, 2003, oil, acrylic, thread on canvas


Jan Seewald: Your images not only fit in the context of the Goetz Collection's current exhibition, Talking Pictures, they would also have been well placed in the context of the previous exhibitions, Expanded Paint Tools and Painting Surface Space, since you blend techniques and have a very distinctive way of formulating spaces. If the pictures were able to speak, what would they say to us?
Michael Raedecker: First of all, I hope they would speak on different levels because our cultures have, in a way, become quite confused. Therefore, it is more interesting to keep the works on different levels. With my work it's all about surface, but that is, of course, nothing new. This has been an important aspect for hundreds of years, but since the 20th century, surface has become much more important because we are much more conscious of it. And for me, surface has become something like a tool.

Text excerpt »The slowness of painting« - A Telephone Interview with Michael Raedecker, November 2005 (Author: Jan Seewald), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part III_Talking Pictures