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Posted: 21.02.2007; 18:51:42
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Zilla Leutenegger
* 1968 in Zürich (CH), lives and works in Zürich (CH)

Part V_Fantasy and Fiction

Works in the Exhibition | Interview

Zilla Leutenegger: Kitchen, 2005
Installation: Goetz Collection - BASE103
Imagination Becomes Reality Part V Fantasy and Fiction
Photo: courtesy Goetz Collection
Wilfried Petzi, Munich

Works in the Exhibition

Kitchen, 2005, single-channel video installation, (b/w, sound), drawing on wall acrylic and table, 8'2"
Corridor, 2004, single-channel video installation (b/w, sound), wooden staircase, acrylic on wood, 2' Loop
Bathroom, 2006, single-channel video installation (b/w, sound), shower curtain, mirror, lavabo, acrylic on wood, ventilator, 1' Loop
Living Room, 2004, single-channel video installation (b/w, sound), wooden wall, plant, ventilator, fixed-image (loop)
Bedroom, 2005, single-channel video installation (b/w, sound), drawing ion wall, acrylic, table, 1' Loop
Office, 2004, single-channel video installation (b/w, sound), drawing on wall, acrylic, 1' Loop


Katharina Vossenkuhl: Your works are currently exhibited in two places in Munich, one of them being the retrospective of architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron at the Haus der Kunst.(1) It's not the first work you have done about one of their buildings - in this case it's one about the Laban Centre for Contemporary Dance in London.(2) Now you are holding your first exhibition in a building by the two architects. What is your connection with their architecture and how did your collaboration start?
Zilla Leutenegger: For me, the relationship with architects Herzog & de Meuron is like the relationship between King Kong and the woman(3). Close and somehow differently dimensioned. But it's OK if you stick to your own ideas and opportunities. I'm very glad to be exhibiting at the Goetz Collection because I very much liked the museum Herzog & de Meuron built right from the beginning. You should know that I don’t like all their buildings, but that's just what's good about their work. Every building belongs to a different client and serves a different purpose. It was New Year's Eve 2003 when Jacques Herzog asked me whether I would be interested in collaborating. So these 'portraits' of the Herzog & de Meuron buildings got going in winter 2004.

(1) Herzog & de Meuron, No. 250. Eine Ausstellung, Haus der Kunst, Munich, 12.05.-30.07.2006. The exhibition was previously shown in Basel, likewise with the work of of Zilla Leutenegger: Herzog & de Meuron. No. 250. Eine Ausstellung, Schaulager, Münchenstein/Basel, 08.05.-12.09.2005. The other exhibition showing works of Zilla Leutenegger was at the Kunstraum in Munich: Storylines, 08.06.–30.07.2006.
(2) The Laban Centre for Contemporary Dance was built by Herzog & de Meuron in 2003. It includes a training facility for dancers, choreographers, dance teachers and community workers where teaching is based on the methods of Rudolf Laban. There is also a 300-seat theater. Hungarian-born Laban (1879–1958) was a dancer, choreographer, teacher and theoretician of modern dance. Another work by Zilla Leutenegger in collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron is called St. Jakob Park
(3) King Kong was first filmed in 1933 based on a screenplay by Edgar Wallace. There have since been a large number of sequels and remakes, the most recent being by Peter Jackson in 2005.

Text excerpt »The making is still a new, unforeseeable experience« - A Conversation via E-mail with Zilla Leutenegger, July until August 2006 (Author: Katharina Vossenkuhl), Exhibition Catalogue Imagination Becomes Reality Part V_Fantasy and Fiction