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Bianchini, Samuel
Sniper, 1999
The Dispn series
interactive image on the Web and installation
Samuel Bianchini / programming: Emmanuel Méhois

Christian Boltanski
Forbidden Images Scratch Room
digital print, judder material
177.2 x 196.9

Evans, Cerith Wyn
Allen Jones Pirelli Calender, 1973 (Penetrated 1999)
12 works in a frame
15.7 x 22. 8
courtesy Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne

Huang Yong Ping
Devons nous encore construire une grande cathédrale? , 1991
98.4 x 78.7 x 236.2
Foundation Cartier, Paris

Isozaki, Arata
The Electric Labyrinth
reconstruction of the space of Arata Isozaki, 68 Triennale in Milano
472.4 x 204.7 x 590.6
Arata Isozaki, Tokyo

Metzger, Gustav
Interview on »Auto-destructive Art«, 1997
c. 40 min
Gustav Metzger interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist at Café Cosmo, London

Giancarlo De Carlo
Video-interview in Milan on Milano Triennal 1968, April 2002
c. 20 min
interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Thanks to Stefano Boeri

Durham, Jimmi and Maria Theresa Alves
Stone Videos:
Incident at Middelberg, 1996, 1 min
A Stone from Metternich's House in Bohemia, 1996, 0.30 min
13, Rue Fenelon, 1996, 1 min
Enough! , 1996, 2.45 min
A Heavy Stone, 1996, 1 min
HTV, 1996, 3 min
Pink Granite at Work, 1997, 1 min
Nature Morte, 2000,0.45 min
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