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Key Journals in Information Ethics

Ethics and Information Technology, edited by Jeroen van den Hoven (Editor-in-Chief), Lucas D. Introna, Deborah G. Johnson and Helen Nissenbaum

The ETHICOMP Journal, edited by Simon Rogerson and Ben Fairweather

Information edited by Mark Burgin

International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE), the journal of the ICIE, edited by Rafael Capurro (Editor-in-Chief), Jared Bielby, Johannes Britz, Thomas Hausmanninger, Michael Nagenborg, Makoto Nakada and Felix Weil (2004-).

International Journal of Internet Research Ethics (IJIRE) edited by Elizabeth Buchanan and Charles Ess.

International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction edited by Bernd Carsten Stahl

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (JCMC) edited by Susan Herring (1995-)

Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies (JCLIS) edited by Emily Drabinski, Rory Litwin and Andrew J Lau (2015-)

Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society (ICES) edited by Simon Rogerson and N. Ben Fairweather (Editors-in-Chief)

Journal of Information Ethics edited by Robert Hauptman

tripleC: communication, capitalism & critique edited by Christian Fuchs and Marisol Sandoval

Other Selected Journals

AI & Society: The Journal of Human-Centered Systems and Machine Intelligence ed. by Karamjit S. Gill, James H. Finkelstein, David Smith, Richard Ennals (1987-) (ISSN: 0951-5666 (printed version) ISSN: 1435-5655 (electronic version)

alfa-redi: Revista de Derecho Informático.

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, edited by Thomasine Kushner and Steve Heilig.

Computers and Society: The quarterly publication of ACM SIGCAS (Assoc. of Computing, Special Interest Group on Computers and Society)

Cybernetics & Human Knowing , edited by Soeren Brier (1992-)

Logeion: Filosofia da Informação, ed. IBICT

ejc/rec The Electronic Journal of Communication / La revue electronique de communication, edited by Teresa M. Harrison

EJISDC: The Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries ed. by R. Harris

Ethical Perspectives: Journal of the European Ethics Network ed. by B. Pattyn Ethics & Behavior, edited by L. Erlbaum (1991-)

Etica e Politica, edidted Univ. degli Studi di Trieste (Special Issue: Computer Ethics, ed. L. Floridi, December 1999)

ephemera. critical dialogues on organization, edited by S. G. Böhm, C. Jones, C. Land

FIS: Foundations of Information Systems edited by J. Porra and J. Courtney

Flusser Studies, edited by Rainer Guldin, Anke Finger, Gerhard Fröhlich et al. (articles in English, German, French, Brazilian and Czech).

I CONNECT published by the Internat. Inst. for Communications and Development (IICD)

IF: Información Filosófica, Revista International de Filosofía y Ciencias Humanas, e-journal published by Angelo Marocco (articles in English, French, Spanish, Italian).

International Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education (IJCEE), edited by Kadir Beycioglu, Inonu University, Turkey.

IMIS: Journal of The Institute for the Management of Information Systems, UK, Ethics Column by Simon Rogerson

Index on Censorship London: Writers & Scholars International (1972-)

I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society, produced jointly by Carnegie Mellon University's H. John Heinz School of Public Policy and Management and the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University.

Javnost: Journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture

JEP: The Journal of Electronic Publishing edited by Judith Alex Turner(ISSN 1080-2711)

Journal of Business Ethics, edited by Alex C. Michalos (1982-) (ISSN 016,7-4544)

Journal of Community Informatics, edited by Michael B. Gurstein

Journal of Information, Law & Technology, edited by Abdul Paliwala (ISSN 1361-4169)

Library Juice, edited by Rory Litwin

Library Trends: Ethical Issues of Information Technology, edited by Robert G. Wengert, 49 (3), Winter 2001

Logeion. Filosofia da Informação edited by Clóvis Ricardo Montenegro de Lima and Geni Chaves Fernandes

new media & society, edited by Nicholas Jankowski, Steve Jones, and Leah Lievrow (1999-)

Netfuture: Technology and Human Responsibility, edited by Steve Talbott

Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness: An Inter-Disciplinary & Multi-Disciplinary (free) E-Journal (ISSN 1471-5597)

Science, Technology & Human Values, Sage Publications, CA (1978-)

Surveillance & Society, edited by Kirstie Ball, Stephen Graham, David Lyon, Clive Norris (2002-)

Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, edited by David Baird (1995-)

Telepolis, edited by Christian Heise

The Information Society: An International Journal, edited by Rob Kling

The Online Journal of Ethics (De Paul University)

The PRIVACY Forum, edited by Lauren Weinstein

Special Issues

Ética en la información, comunicación y lenguajes. Special Issue for the Journal Signo y Pensamiento (2009) Edited by Guillermo Hoyos Vásquez (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia).

GLOBAL INFORMATION ETHICS Perspectives Issue for the Journal of the American Society for Information Society and Technology (JASIST) (2008) Edited by Toni Carbo (University of Pittsburgh) and Marti Smith (Drexel University).



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