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Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio [USA]

Diller + Scofidio is a collaborative, interdisciplinary studio that fuses architecture, the visual arts and the performing arts. The team is primarily involved in thematically-driven experimental work that takes the form temporary and permanent site-specific installations, multi-media theater, electronic media, and print, as well as architectural commissions. Elizabeth Diller is Professor of Architecture at Princeton University; Ricardo Scofidio is Professor of Architecture at The Cooper Union.

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Projects/ Exhibition

»Travelogues« at JFK International Arrivals Terminal, New York [USA]

»The Brasserie« in the Seagram Building, New York [USA]

»Master/Slave« at the Fondation Cartier, Paris [F]

»Jet Lag; The American Lawn: Surface of Everyday Life«, Canadian Center for Architecture, Montréal [CDN]

»Pageant«, Johannesburg Biennial [ZA]

»Subtopia «, ICC Gallery, Tokyo [J]


Grants and Awards

MacArthur Foundation Award; Obie for Creative Achievement in Off Broadway Theater; James Beard Foundation award; Progressive Architecture Design Award; MacDermott Award for Creative Achievment from MIT; Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design; Tiffany Award for Emerging Artists; fellowship from the Graham Foundation, the Chicago Institute for Architecture and Urbanism, the New York Foundation for the Arts.



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Recommended Links

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