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[bio] Jon Haddock


Author:   Christoph Pingel  
Posted: 05.10.2001; 18:54:26
Topic: [bio] Jon Haddock
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Jon Haddock

* 1960; lebt und arbeitet in Tempe, AZ [USA]; Haddock absolvierte 1986 seinen Bachelor of Fine Arts an der Arizona State University. 1990 bekam er den Master of Art an der University of Iowa und 1991 auch den Master of Fine Arts.

Einzelausstellungen | Gruppenausstellungen | Auszeichnungen und Stipendien | Bibliographie | Linkempfehlungen


»Screenshots«, Howard House, Seattle [USA]
»Screenshots«: A Project by Jon Haddock for the exhibition No Absolutes, Arizona State University Art Museum, Experimental Gallery at Matthews Center, Tempe [USA]

Modifications, Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Los Angeles [USA]

Homemade, Howard House, Seattle [USA]

Robot Prince, Drewlowe Gallery, University of Iowa, Iowa City [USA]



»Byte-bi-Byte: Digital Art from Coast to Coast«, Howard House, Seattle [USA]
»Phoenix Triannial 200«1, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix [USA]
»Cyborg Manifesto, or The Joy of Artifice«, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach [USA]
»BitStream: Art in the Digital Age«, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]

»Air Hockey«, Howard House, Seattle [USA]
»Not There«, Rena Bransten, San Francisco [USA]

»Too Small (To Stand on Their Own)«, Lead Gallery Annex, Seattle [USA]

»R.K. Merritt / Jon Haddock«, Ashtabula Art Center, Ashtabula [USA]

»Recent Drawings: Works by Regional Graduates 1991«, Paul Watkins Gallery, Winona State University, Winona [USA]
»MFA Thesis Exhibition«, Museum of Art, University of Iowa, Iowa City [USA]
»TEH«, Johnson County Arts Center, Iowa City [USA]

»Three Perfectly Normal People Behaving in a Perfectly Normal Fashion«, Drewlowe Gallery, University of Iowa, Iowa City [USA]
»Evil Twin«, Bookstore Gallery, University of Iowa, Iowa City [USA]


Auszeichnungen und Stipendien

Arizona Commission on the Arts Grant Lynch-Peltzer Fellowship for Painting, University of Iowa, Iowa City [USA]

Graduate Teaching Fellowship, University of Iowa, Iowa City [USA]

Madison Tuition Scholarship, University of Iowa, Iowa City [USA]



Lawrence Rinder, BitStreams, exhib. cat., Whitney Museum of American Art, 2001, pp.12/13; Marc Saltzman, Cyberspace, in Newsweek, 2001, p. 14; Megan Bates, Thoughtful Bit of Work, in The Arizona Republic, March 22, 2001, p. 26; Wendy Jackson, Line of Sight, in Wired, April 2001, p. 42; »Artist mixes Nintendo with History«, The Arizona Republic, August 31, 2000, p. TR29 [illustration]; Vanesian, Kathleen. »New Paper Views« Phoenix New Times, October 19, 2000, p 67. [illustration]; Wen, Howard. »The Game of Art«, Salon.Com, October 17, 2000, Technology; Roberta Burnett, Images become »Screenshots«, in The Arizona Republic, October 3, 2000, p. 5; Ken Coupland, Screen Space, inMetropolis, December 2000, pp. 126-127; Eric Frederickson, Painfully Normal: Haddock's Mundane Dramas, in The Stranger, May 13, 1999, p. 23; Regina Hackett, Three Person Review, in Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 21, 1999, p.17; Hall, Soyon Im, Photography: Missing in Action, in Seattle Weekly, April 29, 1999, p. 45. Searleman, Eric.



° Artikel ::

-> Wen, Howard. »The Game of Art«, Salon.Com, 17 Oktober [2000] Technologie

-> Bjerk, Jon Andreas. »Fra Cyberspace til Psychospace«, Game Reactor,

° Austellungen ::

-> »Screenshots«, Eine Projekt für die Austellung »No Absolutes«, Experimental Gallery at Matthews Center, Tempe [USA] 2002




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