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Reality TV [e]


Author:   Petra Kaiser  
Posted: 16.10.2001; 11:38:54
Topic: Reality TV [e]
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Das wahre Leben, 1994
TV series, Germany, part 3
Video, color, sound
30 min
Premiere Medien GMBH & CO. KG, Munich

Big Brother, 2000/2001
Clips of the TV series from Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands
Video, color, sound
approx. 30 min
Endemol Entertainment International B. V.

Taxi Orange, 2000
Clips of the TV series, Austria
video, color, sound
45 min
Österreichischer Rundfunk, Vienna, Josh Harris, 2000/2001
Clips from the 120-day experimant of a live and constant webcam-observation
Video, approx. 300 min
Josh Harris/Panopticon Inc., New York

CITIZEN CAM, Jérôme Scemla, 2000
Video of a short film, [French with English subtitles]
26 min
Agat Films, Paris



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