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Thomas Y. Levin [e]


Author:   Petra Kaiser  
Posted: 15.10.2001; 13:20:06
Topic: Thomas Y. Levin [e]
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After completing a B.A. and M.A. in Art History at Yale University [USA], Thomas Y. Levin went on to do a PhD. in Philosophy, also at Yale, writing a dissertation on early German film theory. Following a year in Los Angeles [USA] as a fellow at the »J. Paul Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities«, he joined the faculty of the German Department at Princeton University [USA] where he teaches courses in Philosophy, Media and Intellectual and CulturalHistory and Theory. Currently spending the year in Berlin [D] as the Academic Director of the Berlin Consortium for German Studies at the FU Berlin [an Ivy-League Study-Abroad Program for American Undergraduates], Levin is completing two book-length projects, one an investigation of the dynamics of cultural nationalism and mass media in a series of films about Rembrandt, and the other, an interdisciplinary and multi-media study of the aesthetic politics of surveillance. In Summer 2001 he has been Visiting Lecturer at the Seminar für Filmwissenschaft at the Freie Universität Berlin [D].



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