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Visomat inc.

Founded in 1993 in Berlin [D], visomat inc. works on the sound-reactive visualization of DJ-sets and electronic live sets. Their first development was a manipulated television that solely reacts on sound inputs. This so-called »visomat« is used in the live video mix together with the video loops from tapes and from computer hard drives. This confrontation with techno and drum'n'bass led to the conviction that there has to be a new style of visualization in a strong relation to music and its context.

Exhibitions | Recommended Links


Galerie Kiron, Paris [F]
»Springdance Festival«, Utrecht [NL]
»Multimedia-Festival "Exit"« Creteil [F]
»Festival International NOUVEAUX MÉDIAS«, Montreal [CDN]

»Videoherbst«, Berlin [D]
EXPO 2000, Hannover [D]
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin [D]
»SONAR 2000«, Barcelona [E]
»re:present Berlin«, Berlin [D]
»Europea Media Art Festival«, Osnabrück [D]
»Transmediale«, Berlin [D]

»Intermedium«, Akademie der Künste, Berlin [D]


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