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*1943 in Karlsbad [CZ]; lives and works in Berlin [D]

Michael Klier studied philosophy and history at the Freie University Berlin. He assisted with the production of several of Truffaut's films in France and now works as an independent film and videomaker.
Kliers works encompasses documentaries, feature films and portraits. In the 70's and 80's, Klier realized several films about influential European directors, like, e.g., Jean-Luc Godard, Roberto Rossellini and Wim Wenders. Klier received international recognition for his film »Der Riese« [The Giant] from 1983, dealing with the issue of video surveillance

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»Heidi M.«, D 2001

»Out of America«, 1994

»Ostkreuz, D 1991

»Überall ist es besser, wo wir nicht sind« [The Grass is Always Greener], D 1988/89

»Der Riese« [The Giant], D 1983

»Ferrari«, D 1965



Bavarian Fim Prize [D], 1991; Award for Directing of the Filmfest Munich [D], 1991; Kritiker Preis [D], 1991; Hessian Film Prize, 1990; Golden Grimme Prize [D], 1990; Award of the Film Critics of Germany [Preis der Deutschen Filmkritik] [D], 1998; Award of Performing Arts [D], 1989:



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- > »Heidi M.«, D 2001

- > »Ostkreuz«, D 1991 - in German

- > »Überall ist es besser, wo wir nicht sind« [The Grass in Always Greener], D 1988/89

- > »Der Riese« [The Giant], D 1982/83

- > »Ferrari«, D 1965 - in German