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[bio] Harco Haagsma [e]


Author:   Christoph Pingel  
Posted: 05.10.2001; 18:57:28
Topic: [bio] Harco Haagsma [e]
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*1964, Vlaardingen [NL]

Haagsma completed his studies at the Audiovisual Department of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, where he graduated in 1992 and later followed the Masterclass Experimental Autonomous Arts at the Academy, graduating in 1993. He was editor at P.A.R.K.-4DTV, an Amsterdam based television station which researches the mechanisms of television broadcasting.

Exhibitions | Filmography | Recommended Links


»Impaktfestival«, Centraal Museum, Utrecht [NL]]
»In Orbit«, Quartair, Den Haag [NL]

»Pitch fever«, Witte Zaal, Gent [B]

»De toekomst die ons toekomt«, Fonds voor de beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam [NL]
»World Wide Video Festival«, Artistsspace W 139, Amsterdam [NL]

»Wodan«, Soma, Berlin [D]
»Light Infection/Aids Lounge«, ABEL, Berlin [D]
»Observer. Secret Services«, Institute for New Media and Art, Adlershof, Berlin [D]

»The gods must be crazy«, Planetart, Enschede [NL]

»Dutch National Film Festival«, Utrecht [NL]

»The Slide show«, Galerie W 139, Amsterdam [NL]
»De kracht van heden«, Loods 6, Amsterdam [NL]

»Imaginaire Systemen II«, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam [NL]

»Ideafix«, Galerie Storm, Amsterdam [NL]



»Het Grote Geluk«, 1994 [6 min., 35 mm, colour]
»Fodor Longa Res Brevis«, 1993 [12 min., 16mm, colour]
»10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1«, 1991 [animation, 5 min., 16mm, colour]
»Beuken«, 1991 [10 min., 16mm, colour]
»Galaghan en Artistiek Tourisme«, filminstallaties Paradiso Amsterdam 1989;


Recommended Links

- > »Autocam Project« with Jasper van den Brink
- > Listing of the works




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