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Founded in 1992 in Melbourne, Australia, incorporated in 1997 in Delaware, USA, operates globally. The bureau is an information agency servicing the Information Age. Its media products include economic indices, consumer level network and visualization devices as well as vision videos, sound works, and specialized installations.

Videography | Exhibitions | Presentations | Bibliography | Recommended Links


»BIT Plane«, 1999
»Suicide Box«, 1996
»Bureau of Inverse Technology / You are here«, 1993


Exhibitions | Presentations

»International Media Art Award 2001«, ZKM, Karlsruhe [D]

Science Museum of Victoria, Melbourne [AUS]
Span Gallery, Melbourne; Postmasters Gallery, New York [USA]
»1st Triennal of Photography«, Hamburg [D]
LUX Gallery, London Electronic Arts, London [GB]
»Next 5 Minutes Conference«, Amsterdam [N]

»ISEA98«, Liverpool & Manchester [GB]
»Polar Circuit II«, Tornio [FIN]
»DEAF98«, Rotterdam [NL]
New Langton Arts, San Francisco [USA]
University of California, San Diego [USA]
Columbia University, New York [USA]
Centre Pour L´image Contemporaine, Geneva [F]
Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt [D]

»Hybrid Workspace«, documenta X, Kassel [D]
»Kurzfilmtage«, Oberhausen [D]
»film + arc«, Graz [A]
»Whitney Biennial«, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]
»Video Positive, Manchester & Liverpool [GB]
»Electromediascope«, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City [USA]
Museum of Modern Art, New York [USA]
Media Lab, MIT Boston [USA]
Banff Center for the Arts [CDN]
Interval Research, Palo Alto [USA]
University of California, Berkeley [USA]
»New York Video Festival«, New York [USA]

»Taos Talking Pictures Festival«, New Mexico [USA]

Ansell Adams Center for Photography, San Francisco [USA]
Other Cinema, San Francisco [USA]
»Ars Electronica«, Linz [A]
Blasthaus Gallery, San Francisco [USA]

»SIGGRAPH«, Los Angeles [USA]
Studio XX / ISEA95, Montreal [CDN]
Exploratorium, San Francisco [USA]

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne [AUS]
SBS Television [AUS]



Natalie Jeremijenko on BIT
Natalie Jeremijenko: »Delusions of immateriality«


Recommended Links

-> Homepage
-> Pre-release product information for »Bit plane«
-> Short presentation of the activities




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