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* 1961 in Glostrup [DK]

Nils Bonde studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen [architecture from 1981 to 1983, and painting/ multimedia from 1988 to 1994]. From 1998 to 2000, he was Guest Lecturer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts [DK], as well as at the Design School Kolding [DK]. Since 1999, he teaches at Malmø Art Academy Sverige. Through the 1990's, he has distinguished himself as an installation artist in museums and galleries both in Denmark and abroad. His works explore the spheres of memory, surveillance and the registration of people and objects.

Solo Exhibitions | Group Exhibitions | Grants and Awards | Bibliography | Recommended Links

Solo Exhibitions

Skriget, Trapholt, Copenhagen [DK]
DCA Gallery, New York [USA]

»[N + S] (Nach Paul Valéry)«, Galerie Voges+Deisen_raumberlin, Berlin [D]

»Closet«, Leo Koenig, New York [USA]
»Niels Bonde«, Galleri Specta, Copenhagen [DK]
»Closed Circuit«, Zoolounge, Oslo [N]
»Through a Lens Darkly«, Rare Gallery, New York [USA]

»Scanner«, Galleri Søren Houmann, Copenhagen [DK]
Barbara Claassen-Schmal Gallery for Cntemporary Art, Bremen [D]
»Hemmelige Historier«, F-rummet, Malmø Kunstmuseum [S]
»Secret Stories«, Galerie Voges+Deisen, Frankfurt [D]

» No one's Innocent«, Gentofte Kunstbibliotek [DK]
»I never had any hair on my body or head«, Galerie Voges+Deisen, Frankfurt [D]
»Playing Solitaire«, Affiks, Lund [S]

»Market Economy for Beginners«, Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, Copenhagen [DK]
»Recovered Files«, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen [DK]


Group Exhibitions

»Eyegoblack«, Fortalesa [BR]
»Come on feel the noise«, Galerie Asbæk [DK]
»TAKE OFF 20:01 en ny generation i dansk kuns«t, Aarhus Kunstmuseum [DK]

Fondacion Federico Jorge Klemm, Buenos Aires; [RA]
»Havana Biennial«, Havanna [Cuba]
»Sublime 1-3, hArtware Projekte«, Duende, Rotterdam [Nl]
»1st International Art Biennial of Buenos Aires«, Buenos Aires [RA] »A good Cast is worth repeating«, Galerie Voges+Deisen, Frankfurt [D]
»Eyegoblack«, Trapholt [DK]
Museo de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago [RCH]
Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paolo, Sao Paulo [BR]

»Quiet«, Leo Koenig, New York [USA]
»From the Collection of Malmø Kunstmuseum«, Wanås [S]

»The Soft Machine, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam [NL]
»Med på et afbud«, Galleri Specta, Copenhagen [DK]
»Some futures are forbidden little one«, Cato Jans, Hamburg [D]
»Cologne Art Fair«, Galerie Voges+Deisen, Frankfurt [D] »Art Forum Berlin. Revue«, Galerie Hilger, Vienna [A]

Surveillance in Society«, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Boston [USA]
»Multiple Box«, Galerie Voges+Deisen, Frankfurt [D]

»Science Fiction/ Social Fiction«, Schwaz City Gallery Palais Enzenberg [A]
»Nemo«, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen [DK]
»Geben und Nehmen«, Schloß Plüschow, Wismar [D]
»9th Dimensional Theory«, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen [DK]
»Coming Up«, Gallery Stalke, Copenhagen [DK]
Campbells Occasionally, Copenhagen [DK]

»One Night Stand«, UKS, Oslo [N]
»Flow of reaction«, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin [D]
»Telepolis«, Luxembourg [L]
»The Autumn Exhibition«, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen [DK]
»Re-evolution«, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki [FIN]
»Supranational Art«, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice [I]
» TechnoTras«h, Otto Plonk, Bergen [N]
»Atomic. Oberwelt«, Stuttgart [D]

»transPort«, M/S Stubnitz, Malmø [S] and Hamburg [D]
»No Vacancies, Frankfurt/ M. [D]
»TimeBasedArtsGroup«, Dublin [IRL]


Grants and Awards

Grant from the Statens Kunstfond [DK] (National Endowments for the Arts Denmark); KIKU. ERASMUS. Carlsberg Commemoration Grant; Siemens Kulturförderung; International Studio Program, New York, DCA Foundation; Denmark-Amerika Grant, Fulbright Foundation.



Take Away. Cultural Bridge 2000, exhib. cat., Copenhagen/Malmö, 2000; 100 tegninger, exhib cat. Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen 1999; The Autumn Exhibition, exhib. cat. Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 1998; Manifesta 2, exhib. cat., Luxembourg 1998; Several Subjects, exhib. cat. Stockholm Smart Show, Stockholm 1996.


Recommended Links

- > »Flowcharts & Diagrams« [internet project by Nils Bonde]