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[bio] Lutz Bacher


Author:   Christoph Pingel  
Posted: 05.10.2001; 18:53:38
Topic: [bio] Lutz Bacher
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Lutz Bacher

Lebt und arbeitet in Berkeley, Californien, USA

Einzelausstellungen | Gruppenausstellungen | Bibliographie


»Men at War«, Pat Hearn Gallery, New York [USA]

»Olympiad«, Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, New York [USA] [1997/98]

»Video by Lutz Bacher«, Bunny Yaeger LA, Los Angeles [USA]

»Jim & Sylvia«, Matrix Gallery, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley [USA]
»Playboys«, Pat Hearn Gallery, New York [USA]

»Men in Love«, Mincher/ Wilcox Gallery, San Francisco
White Columns Gallery, New York [USA]



»BitStreams: Art in the Digital Age«, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]

»Whitney Biennial«, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]
»Agitated History: Video Art and the Documentary«, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI [USA]

»Searchlight«, CCAC Institute, San Francisco [USA]

»100 Years of Sculpture: From Pedestal to Pixel«, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis [USA]
»DIANA98«, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zurich [CH]

»In a Different Light«, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley [USA]

»Ciphers of Identity«, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York [USA]

»Privacy«, Forum, Mailand [I]

»Dissent, Difference, and the Body Politic«, Portland Art Museum, Portlan [USA]
Otis/Parsons Gallery, Los Angeles [USA]

»AIDS Timeline/Group Material. Whitney Biennial«, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]



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