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visomat inc. : Media architecture

by visomat inc. [Norbert Hartl, Torsten Oetken, Gereon Schmitz, Michael Weinholzner]

visomat inc was formed in the mid-1990s as a part of that typically Berlin crossover of media art and club culture; its aim: to visualize music. By positioning videomixes as visuals and commentary on a par with the DJs' music mix, they created a visual and technological counterpart to the electronic minimalism of contemporary music production.

For their videos, visomat inc. Use material they produce themselves, splicing it with sampled images and technical graphics, documentary TV footage, JPEGs from the Net, test images, or fragments from displays. They might make use of the circuit plan for an electronic device alongside showing the results of it not functioning in the guise of recorded visual interference. In line with how electronic music functions, individual sequences are processed rhythmically, i.e., by means of loops and repetitions.

With its video installations in Berlin's 'WMF' club, visomat inc. has created an infrastructure that has prompted several video artists and groups to focus on video live mixes. The Berlin club video scene that has thus emerged has a quite incomparable lively artistic breadth.

Alongside the works that reference music, the group is increasingly focusing on media-based design of interiors using analog and digital information sources; media systems and visual worlds expand space to include an additional dimension.

A key factor here is the way the group observes and visualizes what is usually left concealed. visomat inc. makes use of industrial surveillance systems in the context of art and instills them with an aesthetic significance by severing the ties between security and control and placing the technology in a non-signifying setting.

In addition to constructing additional objects for surveillance, visomat inc. are currently endeavoring to advance the idea of closed circuits: location-specific automatic broadcasting systems which derive their contents from the immediate environment (library, festival, university, museum), independently search for relevant information in the Net, tailor it to the right format, and permit interaction in pre-defined channels.

visomat inc. are active along the interface of visualizing music, designing ambient interiors, and conveying contents, thus directly referring analysis and commentary to the time and place of their performance.

visomat inc. are: Norbert Hartl, Torsten Oetken, Gereon Schmitz, Michael Weinholzner.



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