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Response to Michael and his answer 6/26:
Thank you for leading my attention to Paul Wood´s "Mistaken Identities". I reread it with pleasure.
Lev Manovich´s reconstruction of a history of new media and new forms of art (films, games, databases, installations) provokes a reconstruction of interactive and collaborative uses of media (actions, performances and writing included) which problematizes the concept of the work as a closed system. The alternatives are projects open for interaction and collaboration. Manovich´s reconstruction of media is based on film and offers a limited set of historical lines for works with time based media and a limited concept of artistic activity.
A provisional sketch of our interest could be: We are interested in relations between media and social engagement (including the problems which media as an economic and social practice pose) which Manovich forgot and Wood discussed. The new possibilities for collaboration concern our own practice as writers. We should not proceed with writing in the old monological manner as if nothing happened in the mediascape.
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