Author: John Abbate  
Posted: 16.12.2002; 02:54:34
Topic: Question 6
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Dear Thomas, I think you are probably best placed among us to answer the difficult questions you pose (in answer 6/18 above). Is there really something intrinsic to the Internet that will allow it to evade the problems of "museumization" that you outline? Or is it a medium as susceptible to the machinations of vested bureaucratic interests as any other? As to a "return to the authentic art work" in the contemporary practice of Baldwin/Ramsden, I think that is unlikely, given that their work is infected with the same relentless post-modern reflexivity, doubt and suspicion that typifies the general condition of the image in art today. This tendency may have achieved a certain level of orthodoxy itself, but I still think that it would be a mistake for critics to frame it as a regression in the form of a new mode of "authenticity".


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