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Posted: 15.11.2002; 23:22:43
Topic: Question 2
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To John and his answer 2/19:
Your "suspicion" is an interesting construction, but it can´t be relevant for the context of A & L in general. You can ask sometimes if tensions between communicative (phatic, referential, metalingual and sometimes imperative) and poetic sign functions are produced at will, f. e. Dialectical Materialism (1974-75).
The dominance of the poetic-communicative relation in debates on esthetics remains in doubt in the framework(s) of A & L. Possible relations between the sign functions are affirmation, negation, tension (as a bidirectional negation), sliding and indifference (see answer 2/7). "Dialectical Materialism" and Joseph Kosuth´s Zero & Not (since 1985) are models which provoke the observer to actualize different relations between sign functions. Your "suspicion" is a part of these possible actualizations. Thomas Dreher (


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