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To John and his answer 2/16:
Your sketch of the pragmatic problems follows the pragmatic "general line" which I tried to establish because it can be doubted if a general criticism of the consume of digital equipments is helpful in poor countries. The use and effects of digital equipment and telecommunication change between projects for poor and rich countries. It is clear there are dangers to waste money for digital equipment when there are enough problems (f. e. with housing, agriculture and medical care) which can be solved without the endless technical problems which can arise with digitalisation especially in an undigitised context.
To John and his answer 2/17:
You articulate the problems of "going-on" in a community like Art & Language with the term phatic function in a very interesting manner. If members of a community like A & L try to transform the discourse and expect proposals with new concepts then they try to redescribe their communication until the expected arrives and fills the dialogue with a new content. Thomas Dreher (

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